My pricing is super simple. I charge by length of visit required. I have a philosophy when it comes to pricing that simpler is better and so I don’t believe in nickle and diming people with lots of added fees.

15 minute visit: $14: This one is great for lower energy k9s or very independent and clean cats. It’s a quick potty break or a quick kitty peek a boo session feeding and litter clean type of visit.

30 minute visit: $20: This one is optimal for good exercise levels and extra tlc and multi cat households which require longer time for litter cleaning or where the kitties like cuddles and TLC.

45 minute visit: $27, 1 hour visit $41. Really great for Gladiator levels of energy!!! Does your Olympian need hill sprints or a marathon walk?

OVERNIGHTS: $60. Best price around for PRO level care!!! This is a 12 hour stay includes one walk on arrival and one before departure in the morning and you purchase a midday visit or two in between each overnight.